How We Work

01. Brief

Claudia begins every project by visiting the space and meeting the client. Understanding a project’s architecture and history is very important to her. Claudia also spends a lot of time getting to know the client and really understanding how they want to use the space and how they want it to feel.

02. Concept

Claudia will then go away and sketch some initial design ideas, map out space plans and present visuals such as floorplans, moodboards, colour palettes and scheme ideas. It is normal for this process to go through several stages where different ideas are considered and dismissed until the perfect vision is reached.

03. Development

At this stage, Claudia spends time researching and sourcing furniture and fittings. She would usually also bring in collaborators such as architects, joiners, and other specialists who she has a long-standing relationship with. Claudia likes to visit workshops with her clients so that the clients get an immediate impression of the way her specialists are working and their attention to detail. Once the final design has been decided, Claudia will get everything priced up so that an overall budget can be agreed.


Claudia oversees the construction work and brings your design to life. Furniture including fixtures and equipment is purchased, stored and delivered.

05. Install

Rigorous attention to detail is essential at this stage to ensure that everyone is happy with the completed space.


Claudia particularly enjoys styling the spaces she has designed by adding the perfect finishing touches and making the space look polished and inviting.


Claudia forms close relationships with clients and they often come back to her when they need their spaces to evolve as their lifestyles change and families grow.


Claudia wants her designs to be as sustainable as possible. She works with sustainable suppliers, specifies well-made, sustainable products that will last the time and uses antique furniture and reclaimed materials where possible.

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