Claudia Ludwig Design is an award-winning, full-service interior design studio, uniquely positioned across London and Zurich. 

The studio is headed by Claudia who brings contemporary design to both residential and commercial clients, creating elegant, light and calm interiors. With roots and connections in both the UK and Switzerland, Claudia also brings a unique perspective to the world of Interior Design.  Her Swiss roots serve as a reminder of how the beauty of nature and the nuances and textures of natural materials, combined with exemplary craftsmanship, contribute to a restorative and energising lived experience. Added to this, many years spent living and working in London give Claudia cutting edge knowledge of the latest design innovations, demanding commercial spaces, and how to marry beautiful design with the urban environment.  This unique marriage of experiences provides the studio with the ability to work on projects around the world.

Claudia has a clear understanding of busy professionals, their needs and time constraints. Splitting her time between London and Zurich, she personally oversees the design for every project alongside her team of designers, suppliers and craftsmen. Claudia is passionate about working hand-in-hand with her clients, not just for them. She gets to know each one on a personal level, really getting under the skin of how they will use the space, what their values are and their aspirations for the project. Claudia delights in creating spaces that work entirely for the client and their needs.

With close connections to the Swiss expat community and owning an overseas property herself, Claudia is also expertly versed in translating how a clients’ needs and inspirations/dreams can be extended into their holiday homes, whether in the mountains or by the sea.

Inspiration for each project comes from a myriad of sources; from historical and contemporary architecture to art and fashion. Claudia has gained renown for centring her designs around the maximisation of light, calmness and elegance.


Claudia Ludwig

“I have worked with Claudia on both residential and commercial projects. Beyond her impeccable taste in design, Claudia brings a thoroughness and attention to detail that makes her a great person to work with. She is responsive and has strong work ethic that keeps the projects moving forward. She is always professional and a wonderful person to work with.”

- Lindsay, residential and commercial client, Hampstead, London

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